Chrome OS Dev Channel Updated With a Second Chrome 69 Build

The second Chrome 69-based build for the Chrome OS Dev Channel has arrived today.  Build 69.0.3473.0 (Platform version: 10820.0.0) is making its way out now to devices registered in the channel but you can manually check for the update by typing chrome://help in the browser bar and then tapping the Check for Update button.

As you would expect with a build in the Dev Channel, which is essentially the alpha build channel for the Chrome OS platform, this release has a significant number of bug, performance, and security fixes in it.  Google did not release a log of all the changes which isn’t uncommon in these early builds, especially in the Dev Channel.

Chrome 69 for Chrome OS is shaping up to be an exciting build for the platform.  It is expect that support for Linux, known as Project Crostini, will make it to the Stable Channel once it is released.  The Files app is expected to show these Linux apps as well as Android app data (although this may actually make into Chrome 68 next month) and the removing of “Secure” next to HTTPS sites in the browser.

All that said, we still have a good bit of time to wait before we see Chrome 69 in the Chrome OS Stable Channel.  The release is not expected until September 11, 2018 for the platform and the build still has to wash through the Beta Channel before it is released to the masses.  That means we will likely see another 2-3 Dev Channel builds before it moves into Beta next month where it will get another 4-6 builds depending on how smoothly testing goes.

Remember that you can always see what the latest build is for each channel of Chrome OS and details on what each of the channels mean over on the Current Chrome OS Channel Builds page.

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