Chrome OS Dev Channel Updated With Fourth Chrome 68 Build

The Chrome OS Dev Channel, essentially the alpha testing channel for the platform, has been updated with its fourth Chrome 68 based build today.  Build 68.0.3440.15 (Platform version: 10718.13.0) is now available for the majority of devices that are in the channel.

The Chromium team within Google did not release much as far as details on what was addressed or fixed in this update which isn’t uncommon in the Dev Channel.

That said, there are some known changes coming in Chrome 68, most notably how non-HTTP sites are more clearly identified to users across all platforms including Chrome OS.  There are also several updates to the development tools available on the platform that will be coming with the release.

Right now the Chrome 68 build is expect to be released around July 31st for Chrome OS.  Given however that the Chrome 67 build is now late to go to the Stable Channel, it is likely that the date will slip.  Chrome 68 was expected to leave the Dev Channel this week and be promoted to the Chrome OS Beta Channel.  That hasn’t happened yet and the knock-on effect is that everything is behind where it should be in the release schedule.  It is certainly possible that the Chromium team will get things back on track if the beta process for Chrome 68 goes smooth.

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