Chrome OS Dev Channel Updated With its First Chrome 69 Build

As expected, the Chrome OS Dev Channel has now been updated to its first Chrome 69 based build today.  The update was expected given that Chrome 67 is now in the Stable Channel and the Beta Channel was updated yesterday to Chrome 68.  The new build in the Dev Channel is 69.0.3464.0 (Platform version: 10798.0.0).

As a reminder to those who are new to Chrome OS, the Chrome OS Dev Channel is considered the alpha build channel for the platform.  Builds here often contain many bugs and odd performance issues and it is recommended only for developers to use to get a preview of what is coming in the platform.

Functionally, what this Chrome 69 build will bring to the Stable Channel is still up for debate.  Features often flow in and out of the various Dev Channel builds so it is hard to pinpoint exactly what features will make the cut to the Beta or Stable Channels.  Given that Chrome 69 is not expected to land for Chrome OS until September 11th of this year, there is still a lot of testing and development yet to be done.

If you have a Chromebook in the Chrome OS Dev Channel, the update should be available to you now.  You can type Chrome://help in the browser to check for the update as usual.

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