Fourth Chrome 68 Build Arrives for The Chrome for Android Beta App

A fourth Chrome 68-based build of the Chrome for Android Beta app has arrived in the Google Play Store.  The new build, 68.0.3440.40, brings a number of bug fixes and stability improvements as the Chromium team continues to work on the build for public release late next month.

As you may recall from the first beta release from a couple of weeks back, there are a slew of changes coming to Chrome for Android with Chrome 68.  A new horizontal task switcher is available, a new Home screen mini bar instead of a banner has been added as well as new identifications for non-HTTPS sites that you visit.

In this particular update, there is a fair amount of focus on the new horizontal tab switcher that will be in this build.  There are also some updates to generally prepare Chrome for Android for Android P.  If you are curious, you can read the partial list of changes that Google released here.

Chrome for Android Beta - Chrome 68

Chrome for Android Beta – Chrome 68

We still have a few more weeks to wait before the stable version of the Chrome for Android app is updated to Chrome 68.  That update isn’t expected to happen until July 24th.  That means that we will probably see another two or three builds of the beta app, but I will keep you posted.

For those that are new to Android or the Chrome for Android Beta app, you can install it and run it on your phone at the same time as you have the stable version of the Chrome app installed.  Just download it from the Play Store and you can check out the new features.  Keep in mind that the hint is in the name, “beta”.  You could run into a bug or two still as Google smooths things out prior to its official release.

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