Google Sheets Update Brings Improved Pivot Table Support

A small update is rolling in the Google Play Store for Google Sheets that brings improved support for pivot tables.  The new build is version for those keeping score at home and should be hitting everyone this week.  With the update, you can now expand and collapse pivot tables in the app.  This a pretty big deal for those who use pivot tables as you no longer have to go into the web version of Sheets to do this activity.

While doing this on your Android phone can still be a bit tricky simply because of screen size, if you are using the Google Sheets app on a Chromebook, this will be hugely handy.

The Android app for Sheets on a Chromebook works great and it gives you the ability to have files offline and local on your device.  Then, when you are back online, it will sync up.  Functionally, you can do this with the web based version of Sheets too but the app is a bit faster in this particular use case.

Aside from the pivot table changes, there are the normal performance updates that Google has throw in for good measure.  What exactly was improved is not clear as they tend not to disclose specifics unless it is a significant bug.

If you haven’t tried Google Sheets, you can download it free in the Play Store.

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