Microsoft Acquires GitHub for $7.5 Billion

After being rumored for much of this past weekend, Microsoft has confirmed their acquisition of software development platform GitHub.  The all stock transaction is estimated to be $7.5 billion with the Redmond, Washington company committing that development platform will remain open source.

And Microsoft is all-in on open source. We have been on a journey with open source, and today we are active in the open source ecosystem, we contribute to open source projects, and some of our most vibrant developer tools and frameworks are open source. When it comes to our commitment to open source, judge us by the actions we have taken in the recent past, our actions today, and in the future.

The acquisition puts Microsoft in a strong position when it comes to software development in general and certainly a key player in the open source development community.

Microsoft will complete the transaction by the end of this year and will continue to be a good steward of the GitHub community and platform.

Most importantly, we recognize the responsibility we take on with this agreement. We are committed to being stewards of the GitHub community, which will retain its developer-first ethos, operate independently and remain an open platform. We will always listen to developer feedback and invest in both fundamentals and new capabilities.

As you would expect however, there are some who are not happy with the announcement and are starting to pull their development repositories and moving them to the likes of GitLab.


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