Microsoft Launcher Update Brings Family Controls Support

One of the most frequently updated apps from Microsoft is their Android launcher, Microsoft Launcher.  A new build, version 4.10 for those keeping score at home, has been released to the Play Store today and it brings some new features and fixes.

The biggest news is the support of a new family safety feature that is part of the Family Account support.  If you remember, last week Microsoft Edge, the Redmond company’s browser, gained support for Family Accounts as a way to regulate sites your children can or cannot visit.  This addition to Launcher allows you to keep track of your child’s whereabouts and their app activities from the family card on the feed within the launcher.

In addition to the family safety feature, there is an improvement to the search bar too.  You can now search the web with a picture and snap a new picture from the search bar to visually search.   You can also earn Microsoft points by doing Bing searches in the launcher.  Both of these features are US only, at least for now.

If you have not given the Microsoft Launcher a try, especially if you are deep in the Microsoft ecosystem of apps and services, it is certainly worth a look.  They continue to improve it at a rapid development rate and it ties up their services nicely on your Android phone.

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