Microsoft Teams Update Brings Support for In-Meeting Video Sharing

The latest update to Microsoft Teams for Android has made its way into the Play Store, bringing several improvements and updates to the meeting and messaging app.  The update is version 1416/ for those keeping score at home or who like version number BINGO!

The headline new feature is the ability to share a video while you are in a meeting.  Sharing of content in Teams hasn’t been much of an issue to this point, especially Office content like Word docs and the like.  But you couldn’t share a video that you had on your phone while in a meeting.  That changes with this update as you can now share video content while in your call directly from your phone.

Companion mode in Teams has also been improved with this update.  You can now share additional content directly from your phone while you are in a meeting on your PC.  Support for Office 365 Connector cards, which allow you to complete other actions within the Office 365 suite of apps, is also now supported in Microsoft Teams.

As you would expect, there are the normal bug fixes and other performance improvements in this update but Microsoft did not disclose in the release notes exactly what was addressed or fixed.

Microsoft Teams is to an extent the Redmond company’s big bet for conferencing and messaging for their Office 365 customers.  In many ways it is aimed to eventually replace Skype for Business although there is still a fair amount of feature disparity between those two apps.  In order to deploy Teams, you need to be running Office 365 Enterprise in your domain although support for external parties joining a meeting are now supported.

You can check out the link above to see if you can use teams on your domain.  If you can’t, contact your system administrator to see if it is available to you and your team.

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