New Google Sign-In Screen Coming June 14th

Google has announced that the Google Sign-in screen that you use to sign into your account will be changing on June 14th.  The updated screen will be more in line with Material Design principles with an updated Google logo, outline of text boxes and everything being centered in the sign-in screen itself.

The Mountain View company has indicated that this change will be available for everyone across all G Suite domains and consumer accounts.

If you are a fan of Material Design (Clinton raises his hand) then this new sign-in screen should be quite appealing to you.  Have a look:

New Google Sign-In Screen

New Google Sign-In Screen

In the blog post announcing the update, Google indicated that the new Google Sign-in screen will take about 15 days to roll out to everyone so don’t be surprised if you don’t see it on June 14th.  That’s just when they begin rolling it out.

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