Android Oreo Jumps 6.4% in The Latest Android Distribution Report

After skipping June, Google has published the latest Android Distribution Report for Android and it is extremely positive for Android Oreo.  The current version of the mobile platform saw a 6.4% increase in devices that came to the Google Play Store for the 7-day period ending July 23, 2018.  It is the biggest single increase that Oreo has seen and it doubles the install base since the last report in May.

In fact, digging into the report shows that Android Oreo was the only version of the version of the platform tracked that gained any usage in this report.  The two biggest losers in the report were Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow which both saw a drop of 2% since the last report.

Android Nougat remains the most widely used version of Android according to the report.  It still enjoys a 30.8% share and dropped just .3% since May.  Android Gingerbread is holding on at .2% overall while Android Ice Cream Sandwich dropped .1% to a .3% share.

Android Distribution Report - July 2018

Android Distribution Report – July 2018

Ultimately this is all pretty good news.  It shows that Android Oreo is finally gaining some traction through people buying new devices that run it or manufactures are getting on the ball and getting their devices updated.


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