Android P Beta 4 Released for Pixel Devices

The Android team at Google has released Beta 4 of Android P today.  The update is considered a Release Candidate version of the next major version of Android with the feature set complete as well as the API set.  Those who have devices registered in the Android Developer Program should see the OTA update to this build over the course of the next few hours.

Beta 4 marks the last update to beta cycle for Android P as it is prepared for release to the general public.  That release should happen in August but Google has not confirmed that officially.  Nor do we know what it will be named, but Android Pistachio Ice Cream seems to be the odds-on favorite right now.

One of the key things that many in the Android Beta Program will be wanting to see is the Android Wellbeing feature.  This has not been in any of the previous beta builds but it should be in this build.

Google has released this for eligible Pixel devices today and those updates should be rolling out over the course of the next few hours.  If you have a partner device like one from Essential or OnePlus, it is going to be another few days or even a few weeks before you see this update.

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