Dish Network Finally Rolling Out Google Assistant to Control DVRs

Way back in January of this year, Dish Network announce that Google Assistant would be coming to a range of DVRs for the satellite television provider.  At the time, they had indicated that the feature would roll out in the first half of the year to Hopper DVR (all generations), Joey client (all models), and the Wally single-tuner HD receiver.

Well, they missed it by a little bit but the feature has finally begun rolling out.  Today Google Assistant began arriving on both Hopper and Joey clients, allowing customers to use “Hey Google” to do things like change television stations and search for specific shows… but there is a catch.

You still have to have a Google Assistant device as the DVRs themselves are not Home-like devices themselves.  So you will still need Home on your phone or a Google Home device in order to access your Dish Network DVR device.  More-or-less, this is how your Chromecast behaves today.

The feature is just now rolling out but everyone should have it by this point given it is a cloud-side change.  If you aren’t seeing it on your Dish device, give it a few hours or even a day or two for it to land on your account.

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