Google Drive Expected to be The Next Billion User App from Google

Google Drive is expected to hit a critical milestone this week:  1 Billion active users.  The news came from Google Vice President of Cloud, Diane Green during her keynote at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco.  When Drive does pass the one billion mark, it will make it the 8th Google service or app that has reached the milestone.

Currently the “Billion User Club” consists of the following from Google:

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Google Play Store
  • Android
  • Chrome
  • Gmail
  • YouTube

It is an important milestone for Google Drive but in a broader context, it is critically important for Google.

There is little debate that the cloud wars are raging between Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.  All three companies have compelling solutions and all three do something better than the others.  But for Google, being able to show another app which leverages their cloud has reached the one billion user mark, shows the durability, stability, and reliability of their solution.  It’s not the only measure by which to go by but it is certainly an important one.

Google Drive for Android - July 2018

Google Drive for Android – July 2018

And don’t for a second think that Google isn’t going to pass up the opportunity to tell everyone about this milestone.  I’m attending Google Cloud Next this week and in almost every session the presenters talk about the billion user apps.  The company is proud, rightfully so, of these apps and their usage.


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