Microsoft Launcher Update Brings UI Tweaks and Family Centric Improvements

Arguably one of Microsoft’s most popular Android apps, and one of the most frequently updates, is Microsoft Launcher.  The launcher has now passed 10 million downloads and is great for readers who are deep in the Microsoft ecosystem at home or at work.  The app now had a new update rolling out that brings a handful of improvements, especially around the user interface.

For those keeping score at home, the new update is version and it has been released to the Play Store.  If you are using the launcher on your Android phone or tablet, you likely have the update available to you.

So what are you getting in this update?  First, on the Family card on the information screen (a right swipe on the home screen) you can now show or hid kids on that card for privacy reasons.   This assumes, of course, that you have children accounts associated with your own so that the feature will work.

Next you will find improvements to the UI in a wide swath of the app.  The page indicators on your home screen can now be hidden, the welcome page, settings page, widgets, and context menus have all been updated with minor tweaks

There are also improvements for Microsoft Edge and Cortana in this update.  As for Edge, improvements have been made in the reading of news articles that you launch directly from the launcher while for Cortana, support for multi-turn SMS and calling has been added.

All-in-all, this is a hefty update for the launcher and one that users will likely enjoy the benefits of on their devices.

If you have the launcher installed and auto-updates enabled on the Play Store, chances are you have already received the update but you can always manually check for it in the Play Store app to make sure.

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