OneDrive for Android Update Brings Fingerprint Authentication Support

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the OneDrive for Android app, bringing with it fingerprint authentication support.  The new update is version 5.14 for those keeping score at home and has been released to the Google Play Store.

When you update to this new version, under the app settings, you will have the option to enable a PIN code as you have been able to do for some time in OneDrive.  Once you enter that PIN, you will be prompted for your fingerprint.  You can either tap your fingerprint sensor or skip this if you want to continue to use your PIN to log in and not your fingerprint.

Keep in mind that when you do update that your old PIN will be reset and you will have to re-enable the feature if you want the added security.  Microsoft had to reset this for everyone who uses a PIN now to enable the fingerprint feature to be enabled in the app on your phone.

Fingerprint Authentication in OneDrive for Android

Fingerprint Authentication in OneDrive for Android

This update also brings improvements to the photos layout view in the app, making it easier to identify which photos are being backed up to your OneDrive account.


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