Visual Snapshots Now Appearing in The Google App on Android

A couple of days ago, Google announced Visual Snapshots were coming to Google Assistant for both Android and iOS users.  Those began broadly rolling out yesterday and provide you snippets of information about your day and other things by going into Assistant and tapping the what was known as the Explore icon.

Now it seems that Google has begun quietly rolling this out to the Google app itself.  If you open up the Google app on your phone and tap what was known as the Explore icon, you will be brought to the new visual snapshots and not the old card-style view of the past.

Right now, this appears to be an Android only change.  In testing the Google app on my iPhone, it doesn’t provide the new snapshots but rather points to the old style cards of the past.  This could change with a Google app update but for Android, this is a cloud-side update.  That means it will roll out to everyone who is eligible and won’t require an app update.

And for those of you who do use Google Assistant in iOS, the new snapshots do appear in that app.

Visual Snapshots in Google Assistant

Visual Snapshots in Google Assistant

As I posted yesterday on the visual snapshots, I’m a big fan.  I didn’t realize how much I missed the old Google Now cards – which this fundamentally is the updated version of now – until these snapshots hit my account yesterday.  It’s super handy and now that it is also in the Google app, I can get to them a couple of different ways.

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