You Can Now Scheduled Custom Routines on Google Home

Google continues to roll out new features to Google Home and Google Assistant to make them more personalized to your needs.  The latest of these updates is rolling out now and it gives you the ability to schedule your custom routines you have setup on your Google Home.

Routines, for those that are new to Home, came to the devices back in March while custom routines – ones you create yourself – came in May.  At Google I/O, the Mountain View company said that scheduling of your custom routines would be coming too.  This would allow for you to schedule the day and time you want a routine to be available to run.

Setting up the new scheduling feature on your custom routines is pretty easy.  Just go to the Google Home app, go to the menu and then down to More Settings.  Scroll down until you find Routines and tap on that option to open up your routines.  If you have a custom routine created, tap on it and you should see the option to set days and times for your routine to run.  Save your work and that routine will now run on the appropriate days and time you have set.

Schedule Custom Routines on Google Home

Schedule Custom Routines on Google Home

The only real downside to this is that the feature is not available on the built-in routines that Google has built into Home.  This would be handy indeed and hopefully we will see it expand to those routines soon.

This update is a cloud-side update so it will be pushed to your account and be available shortly if not already.

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