YouTube Music Now An Option in Google Assistant and Home for UK Users

YouTube Music, the newest music streaming service from Google, has for a long time been an option for US users to have as their default music option.  This was true of the old version of the service as well as the new one.  Now those of you in the UK have the same option to make YouTube Music your default music choice.

The update to enable the feature is a cloud-side update and will appear as an option in your music settings within Google Assistant.  Once enabled, you can say, “Hey Google, play Rush from YouTube Music” and it will play music from Canadian band on your Google Home device.

To enable this feature, you can go either into Google Assistant or the Google Home app.  Go into Settings, then navigate your way down to the Music section in settings.  You will know that you have the update when you see YouTube Music as a streaming option along with Google Play Music.

YouTube Music in Google Assistant

YouTube Music in Google Assistant

Since this is a cloud-side update, it could take a few more days before everyone sees it on their accounts.  If you are not seeing the ability to select it yet, wait it out a few more hours or days as it will eventually get to everyone in the UK.

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