Chrome OS Beta Channel Sees a Seventh Chrome 68 Build

The Chrome OS Beta Channel has been updated but not in the way that was expected.  An almost unheard of seventh build has arrived to the channel in the current cycle and comes a few days after it was expected to be moved up a build.  The new build is still based on Chrome 68 and is build 68.0.3440.87 (Platform version: 10718.71.2).

Chrome 68 was expected to be in the Chrome OS Stable Channel by this point.  That release was suppose to happen on July 31st but clearly hasn’t yet.  While the release notes don’t indicate why there is a delay or any specific bug found, the delay in release likely indicates a last minute issue was discovered or something new cropped up.  That’s the life of beta software.

As these things tend to go, the Chromium team within Google has been pretty tight lipped on what is new in this build.  We only get the generic This build contains a number of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements.  

At this point it remains unclear when we will see Chrome 68 promoted to the Stable Channel.  It is possible that this .87 build of 68 is what we will see on the initial release into the production channel and it could be as soon as next week?  Maybe?

As always, you can check the current builds in all the channels on the Chrome OS Builds page here on the site.

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