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Action Launcher Update Brings Adaptive Icon & Folder Support

The ever popular Android launcher, Action Launcher, has yet another big update rolling out this week.  Version 31.2 of the app brings several new features along with support for the Essential Phone.  This update comes just two weeks after the last major update to Action Launcher which brought several Pixel 2 looks & feels to the launcher.

In this new build, support for adaptive icons is now available.  This is a big feature of Android Oreo as readers likely know by now.  The cool thing is, this new feature will work in the launcher if you are running Android Lollipop (version 6.x) or later.  This new adaptive icons has also been extended to the folders and this is all included in the free version of the app.


For those of you who are on Oreo, support for Android 8.0’s widget and shortcut pinning is now added to Action Launcher.  If you have the Essential Phone PH-1, good news is in this version of the launcher for you too.  Your phone is now supported.

Action Launcher Gets More Pixel 2 Launcher Looks

If you are looking to have the new Pixel 2 launcher look and feel on your current phone, the latest update to Action Launcher is your ticket.  The update, version 30.2 for those keeping score at home, brings all of the goodness that is in Google’s new default launcher to any phone without rooting.  In fact, looking at it side-by-side with the Pixel 2 launcher, it is all-but identical plus you have a lot of tweaks that you can do that are not available in the Google launcher.

Action Launcher in this update has brought the At A Glance feature, giving you the date and weather at the top of the display on your Home page and updating with calendar notifications when you have an upcoming appointment.  Functionally, it is the same as the Pixel 2 launcher and it looks identical.

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