Alcatel IDOL 3 Now $179 At Amazon

Today over on Amazon, you can pick up a great deal on the Alcatel IDOL 3.  The 5.5″ display device comes unlocked and ready to work on GSM carriers here in the United States for only $179.99.  That is $100 off the retail price of the phone and while it was recently replaced with the IDOL 4, it is still an outstanding device for this price.  The IDOL 3 will work with both AT&T and T-Mobile so you will have 4G LTE coverage and it comes with a US warranty so you have some support should anything ever go wrong with it.

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Alcatel Launches The POP Series of Android Phones

At MWC today, Alcatel made another device announcement this morning.  Yesterday they announced the new IDOL 4 and IDOL 4S while today they announced the even more budget friendly POP series.  In all, there are three devices in the POP series:  The POP 4, POP 4+ and the POP 4S.  The 4S is the premium version of the devices with a 13 MP rear camera and 5MP front while the 4 and 4+ have a 8 MP rear shooter. Likewise, you will find that the 4S has an octa-core processor while the 4 and 4+ have a quad-core.

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Alcatel Launches The IDOL 4 and IDOL 4S

Alcatel has announced not one but two new Android phones today at MWC:  The IDOL 4 and their budget friendly flagship IDOL 4S.  Both devices will be running Android Marshmallow when they are released and both have a significant number of additional features beyond just the standard specifications.  Both devices will ship with a VR goggles to give you virtual reality out-of-the-box and both devices come with unique Boom key which gives you enhanced features in apps that are running on the device.

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