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Klout Score App Coming to The Marketplace Next Week for Windows Phone

Klout, the influence measuring site and service, has quickly become a key social networking locale for people from virtually every walk of life.  Klout measures how much you impact a particular topic or group of people through various social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and many others.  If you haven’t check it out, you should at

Developer Julien Dollon has been working on a Klout app, aptly named Klout Score, for Windows Phone and it is expected to drop into the Marketplace next week.  If it holds up, it would be the first Klout app for Windows Phone and only the 2nd that I know of (there is one for Android but none for iOS).  According to Julien’s site, the app will give you all the information about your Klout score that you get from the site itself.  This includes your topics, those you influence and those who influence you and details on your Klout score.

Klout Score App from Julien Dollon

Klout Score App from Julien Dollon

Look for the app to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace next week.

[Update] – Richard Hay commented that there are some Klout related apps in the Marketplace.  I missed those this morning in the original post.  Thanks Richard for setting me straight! 🙂


Halo Atlas Coming To Windows Phone for Free – iPhone? Not so much…

When Halo Waypoint for Windows Phone was updated around the Mango release, the plan was for it to have an Atlas included.  As we all know, that didn’t happen but good news is coming on Saturday.  That is when Halo ATLAS is to be released in the Marketplace.

Halo ATLAS will bring top-down views maps of the worlds in Halo:Reach and Halo:Anniversary editions.  In addition, here are some of the things you can expect to see as well

  • Weapon and vehicle spawn locations for Matchmaking and Firefight games.
  • Health pack locations.
  • Near-real-time locations for weapons and vehicles during Custom Multiplayer games.
  • Your location and that of your team members displayed on the map.
  • ‘Follow me’ mode to track your movement.
  • Dynamic player list, including current score for the teams and each player and equipped weapon for you and your teammates.
Overall, not bad for you Halo fans out there.
For Windows Phone fans you can expect to see this as a part of Halo Waypoint on December 10th.  The app will also be available for iPhone & Android users but…. it’ll cost you $4.99.

Dance Central 2 Coming To Windows Phone

The team over at WPCentral have posted that Windows Phone users can expect the popular dance game Dance Central 2 to be coming to a phone near you in the coming weeks.  According to their post, it is unclear if Dance Central 2 for Windows Phone will be a companion app – like that we are expecting to see today from Microsoft (Xbox Companion) – or a Kinect-linked app like Kinectimals.

Dance Central 2 for Windows Phone (Image from WPCentral)

Dance Central 2 for Windows Phone (Image from WPCentral)

No word on when this will hit the Marketplace but hopefully it will be soon.  These are the types of titles that need to come to Windows Phone to complete the Microsoft ecosystem as well as show that there are big time developers out there on the platform.

More information at WPCentral

GateGuru Coming to Windows Phone

For those who travel, your life is about to get a whole lot easier.  GateGuru, the app that gives you information about airports, itinerary management, security line information and a wealth of other things that travelers need, is coming to Windows Phone in the coming weeks.

GateGuru for Windows Phone (Courtesy of TechCrunch)

GateGuru for Windows Phone (Courtesy of TechCrunch)

GateGuru has been on Android and iOS for a while now and this will not only be a welcome addition to Windows Phone, but will substantiate some of the numbers indicating that Windows Phone is rapidly becoming a popular developer platform.

No word yet on when we can expect the app to hit the Marketplace.

Windows Phone Daily Posts Teaser Shots of The Upcoming Update to 4th & Mayor

Windows Phone Daily has posted some teaser screenshots of the upcoming v3.0 update to 4th & Mayor, the Foursquare app alternative for the platform.  According to the article, the new version was submitted to Microsoft on Sunday which means we could likely see this update this week in Marketplace.

The article states…

With many users clamoring for a Mango-compatible version Jeff Wilcox, the developer of the app and Microsoft’s Development Lead on Windows Phone, has posted a few teasers for version 3.0 of the client.

Check out the screenshots over at at the site.  You can also follow the developer of 4th & Mayor, Jeff Wilcox, on Twitter.


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