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Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Now Available in Four New Countries

Four new countries, Sweden, India, Denmark, and Taiwan, have been added to the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE roster.  Customers in these countries can now pick up the cellular version of the latest generation of smartwatch.  The LTE variant is now available in a total of 16 countries globally.

In Sweden and Denmark, 3 is the carrier that provides the LTE coverage for the watch while in Taiwan, you have five different carrier options:  Taiwan Mobile, FarEsTone3, Telecom3, Chunghwa, and APT3

How to Adjust Your Calorie Goal in Activity on Your Apple Watch

One of the great features of the Apple Watch is the Activity app.  It is an app that keeps track of your movement calories, your exercise and the standing you do each hour in one easy-to-use app.  It is the measurement of these activities that allow you to complete the now well known rings each day.

When it comes to calorie targets, it is the one metric that users can adjust.  The standing once per hour and 30 minutes of exercise, at least for now, are fixed and can’t be adjusted.  The calorie one however is probably the more important one anyway.  Depending on your lifestyle and even your profession, you may want to set your calorie burn goal higher than the minimum 300 calories target.  You’ll know this is the case if you are consistently going over your current target by two or three times in a day.  One day is a one-off but consistently blowing through that target means it needs to be adjusted up.

In this How To I’ll show you a quick way that you can adjust your calorie target in the middle of a day or week.  Once you adjust it, it will be your goal going forward until you adjust it again and it will be reflected in your target measurements for the week you are in.

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