Best Buy Now Selling The Nexus 6P 64GB for $499

The big box retailer Best Buy is now another option for those of you who are looking to pick up the new Nexus 6P.  This weekend the US retailer started selling the aluminium finished 6P with 64GB of onboard storage for $499.  That is the same price as the Google Store but you can pick it up locally at many of the brick-and-mortar stores and of course order it online for delivery to your home, office or your local Best Buy.

To this point here in the US you have pretty much had to go to the Google Store to get the Nexus 6P although you have been able to find them sporadically on eBay or Amazon.  The rumor was that Best Buy would be picking up the 6P at some point but it was unclear when it would be and, more importantly, if it would be during the holiday season.  It made it – barely – which certainly is a good sign as Google works to get the phone out to other outlets.

Nexus 6P at Best Buy – 64GB $499

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