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Review of Coocheer Mobile Power Battery Pack – Good Performance in a Hardened Package

When it comes to external battery packs to charge your devices, the options are endless when it comes to size and performance.  Many of these battery packs, however, are not necessarily hardened to withstand the elements.  Enter the Coocheer Mobile Power pack CH-242.  This 7500mAh pack has an aluminum chassis and body surrounded by a rubber edge.  More importantly, the CH-242 has a rubber cover over its 2 USB ports to help keep water and dirt out while you are using it in the outdoors.  While it certainly is not the most powerful pack you can get, for a price of just under $21, it is a great value.  Here is my review.

Review of The Coocheer CH-080 Bluetooth Speaker – Excellent Sound in A Small Package

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to your Android phone, the field of choices is bountiful.  You can spend a little money and not get a lot of sound or you can spend a lot of money and, well, get great sound at a high dollar-per-decibel rate.  Then enters Coocheer.  The little company based in the Silicon Valley area has what may be the best compromise of price, performance and functionality.  At only $11.99, the CH-080 Bluetooth Speaker is an outstanding value for what you get in this compact, well designed, easy to use and excellent sounding speaker.  Recently the company sent me the CH-080 to review I have to say, it is pretty darn impressive.

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