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4K Movies Start Appearing in Google Play Movies

With the Chromecast Ultra starting to ship out, Google is starting to ramp up support for Ultra HD (4K) videos in the Google Play Movies & TV app.  A check of the store this morning shows that several movies are now available in UHD as well as the already offered HD and SD versions.  The number of movies will only increase as Google licenses out the UHD versions from the production studios and makes them available to end users.

But, if you have the Chromecast Ultra and a 4K television, be prepared to pay for these UHD versions.  In my research this morning, nearly every movie in UHD was twice the price of the HD version.  For example, one of my all time favorite movies, The Fifth Element, is $12.99 in HD but it is $24.99 in UHD.  Also, if you already own the HD version of the movie, there is no option for now to upgrade to UHD – at least for now.

Chromecast Ultra Now Available in The Google Store

Google has officially started selling the Chromecast Ultra.  The speedier and 4K-supporting casting device just went live in the Google Store for $69.  Back in the October Google event, where the Pixel lineup and Google Home were announced, this new update to the Chromecast was also presented.  The biggest improvement is the support for 4K video.  With so many 4K televisions out there now, support for UltraHD is somewhat necessary at this point and it is good to see it come to the Chromecast which, to this point, has been limited to 1080P.

Chromecast Ultra in the Google Store

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