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Huawei Mate 9 Picks Up Google Daydream Support

Joining an ever increasing list of devices that support Google Daydream, the Google VR team have posted via Twitter that the Huawei Mate 9 now supports the Virtual Reality platform that is built into Android Nougat.  This will add the Mate 9 to the list of devices that support Daydream that currently includes the Google Pixel phones, the Moto Z, and ZTE Axon 7.  The update to support Daydream will include the Mate 9 as well as the higher priced Porsche Design version of the 6″ phablet.

The support for Google Daydream will come to the Mate 9 via an OTA update.  When that update will be coming & the size of the update is unclear.  Given that Google has announced this more-or-less, my suspicion is that the pressure is on Huawei to get it out in reasonably short order – likely the next few weeks.  If you have the Mate 9, be sure to check for updates.  Once you have Daydream support, you can use the Google Daydream headset for VR experiences.

Google Releases Daydream into the Play Store

The Google Daydream VR headset has started to ship to those who have ordered it and Google, as expected, as released the Daydream app into the Play Store.  The app allows users with the new Google Pixel to have a full VR experience with the headset.  The VR UI for when you have your phone in the headset is very easy to navigate and if you have played with Google Cardboard in the past, it will look pretty similar to you.  Using the controller, you can look to an app you want to start and click the button to launch it.  Obviously content is still pretty limited at this point but more is on the way.  Google, in fact, launched YouTube VR today too.

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Google Announces Daydream VR Headset

Google today announced their new Daydream VR headset.  The $79 headset will be available in November and comes in three, soft fabric color options.  The headset is specifically designed to work with devices that have Google Daydream enabled such as the new Google Pixel lineup.  Google indicates that other Daydream enabled phones are on the way which will work with the headset.

Google designed the headset in software fabrics instead of hard plastics for a more comfortable fit.  They also designed it to work around eyeglasses to give more comfort.  The headset also comes with a controller that has a gyroscope built into it which allows you to point, click and interact within VR environments.

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