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Review of Kbtel Micro Suction Device Stand

I will admit that I’m a bit retentive when it comes to my work space. Everything has a place and everything should be easy to reach but equally, it needs to be tidy and organized. I don’t like seeing cables sticking out everywhere and I certainly don’t like my devices sitting on the desktop. They take up space and I already have a small enough desk space.

When I started looking for a desk stand for my Nexus 6 and Nexus 7, there were plenty out there but I couldn’t find that perfect one. That was until I discovered the Kbtel Micro Suction stand on Amazon. The aluminum body is angled perfectly for device viewing while you are stat at your desk. It also has a unique micro-suction technology that securely holds your device in either landscape or portrait mode. Add to that cable management on the back of it and the Kbtel stand is an elegant and simple design that just works.

Kbtel Universal Micro Suction Stand – $16.99 – Amazon

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