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Kickstarter Launches Android App

For some of you, the news that Kickstarter finally launched an Android app will come as a bit of a surprise.  If you haphazardly visit the crowd-funding service site, you probably didn’t even know there wasn’t an app despite there being one for iPhone users for a couple of years now.  Frequent visitors, like me, have felt the pain of not having a dedicated app because it meant that if I wanted to go check out some new projects and potentially help fund them, I was relegated to my browser.

No more.

The new app is now available in the Google Play Store and even though it is a 1.0 release, Kickstarter did a great job on the app overall.  You can search for projects to support in a wide range of categories and you can fund a project right from within the app itself.

Kickstarter – Free – Download Now

Nextbit Robin To Merge Phone Storage & Cloud Storage

The startup team over at Nextbit have finally launched their first glimpse of their first smartphone, the Nextbit Robin, or simply the Robin.  This new smartphone will be powered by a pure version of Android Lollipop (with Marshmallow in the works) and will have a unique blend of cloud storage and on-device storage.  The reality is that we all access cloud storage on our devices anyway.  Nextbit’s point is why not leverage that to its fullest.  That’s exactly what the San Francisco company wants to do with their first smartphone.

To that end, you won’t find massive amounts of storage built into the Nextbit Robin – 32GB.  But it comes with 100GB of cloud-based storage with apps designed to help you keep track of just how much storage you are using.  Plus, it dynamically moves apps (not your personal data) to the cloud storage when you have not used that app for a long time.  That way you can free up space on your phone but instantly get that app back on the device.  Its a slick concept.

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