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New York Times Crossword Finally Released for Android

It has taken a long time, over a year in fact, but crossword players on Android can rejoice this morning.  The New York Times Crossword app has finally come to our favorite platform after a year of availability on iOS and Windows Phone.  Yes, Windows Phone before Android.  Perish the thought!  Now you can subscribe and play the daily crossword from the paper and have access to over 20 years of crossword puzzles from the news source.  If crosswords are your thing, then your wait for arguably the best and most well known source for them is over.

The app starts you off on a 7 day trial which gives you full access to the daily crossword from the Times.  If you want to continue to have access to that daily puzzle on your phone or tablet, it is $6.95 per month (NYT digital subscribers do get a discount).  You will also have access to quick mini puzzles and puzzle packs which will be updated regularly.

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