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Nexus 5X and 6P Could Start Shipping This Week

Good news for those of you who have ordered the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P as it looks like your phones could ship as early as this week.  Multiple people have reported that their orders for the new Android Marshmallow-based phones have moved from “Preorder” to “Pending”, an indicator that Google is preparing to start shipping the devices.  While Google has not confirmed this in any way, other leaks report to internal documents indicating an October 13th ship date for the Nexus 5X.  That’s tomorrow peeps.

Nexus Protect Site Goes Live

At the Google event earlier in the week, we heard about the new Nexus Protect program for the first time.  The program covers your new Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P against manufacturing defects or inflicted damages on the devices for 2 years.  Now Google has pushed the button and the MyNexusProtect is now live.  While you can’t make claims or really do much more than search details on the site, this eventually will be the portal by which customers who sign up for the service when they get their new 5X or 6P can make claims.

Google Is Really Serious About Project Fi

There was an undertone at the Google event yesterday that didn’t necessarily go unnoticed but certainly wasn’t put to the fore.  Google is serious about Project Fi.  For those who don’t know, Project Fi is the mobile service that Google launched in April of this year and it uses a unique combination of existing carriers (T-Mobile and Sprint) as well as always on Wi-Fi to make calls and consume data on your device.  It is a pay-as-much-as-you-use plan meaning that if you have a 3GB data plan and only use 1GB, you only pay for that 1GB, not the entire 3GB like traditional carriers.  With the base package of $20 giving you unlimited calls and text then just $10 per gigabyte of data, the plan is cost effective when you compare it to other carriers.

To this point Project Fi has been invitation only and only available on the Nexus 6.  Google, wisely, has wanted to control the number of people on the service so they can better manage expectations and experiences.  After yesterday however, it is clear that Google is committed to Project Fi with the addition of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P but also the payment plan you can sign up for on these devices when you sign up for Project Fi.  While it certainly isn’t the flood gates opening, it is more than the trickle of invites that have been committed to so far.

Pre-Order Your Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

As expected, the Google Store has now been updated and you can pre-order your new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P today.  The new phones were announced today at the Google event (which you can watch here) and both will be shipping with Android Marshmallow.  Both phones are expected to ship later on this month.

Watch The Google Event on YouTube

Today was a big day for Google and users of their platforms & solutions.  As expected, Google announced the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, Android Marshmallow and two new Chromecast devices at the event held in San Francisco.  In addition, they also announced the Android Marshmallow based Pixel C which will be available later this year.

Google’s Not So Risky Move To Sell Nexus Online

If you are a fan of Google and have been reading the Interwebs today, you know it has been a busy day.  Loads of leaks and other details about the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have been flowing like water and this is all the day before the actual Google event tomorrow in San Francisco.  Some of the news has been confirmation of what we already pretty much know like the specs of the 5X and the 6P but some of it has been new tidbits.  One of those new rumors is that Google plans to sell the new Nexus lineup online only through the Google Store.  Some have read this as a risky move by Google given that they will ultimately be bypassing the carriers who did sell the Nexus 6 and previous devices as well as other retailers.  In fact this decision to sell them online is the first time Google has done this since the original Nexus One back in 2007.

To me however, this is a smart move by Google.  It gives them the cleanest path to the consumer and it follows the trend that the market is dictating, namely people want to buy devices and not necessarily be tied into a carrier contract.  Yes they have to get it right and there are examples of how to get it wrong, including Google themselves, but this could be the way of the future for all manufactures.

Complete Nexus 5X Specs

You have to love leaks.  While we less than 24 hours away from the Google event tomorrow in San Francisco, it looks like the full specs of the new Nexus 5X, one of two devices Google is expected to announce tomorrow, have been leaked for the world to see.  It’s not a bad device overall and with a starting price expected to be at $329.99, it should certainly get at least a look by those looking for a well designed and developed 5.2″ device.  A lot of what are in these specs we already knew or thought we knew but it’s nice to have a bit more confirmation.  Probably more interesting is the few things the 5X won’t have on it.

Devices Expected to Get Android Marshmallow

With Android Marshmallow expected to be released tomorrow at the Google event in San Francisco, the inevitable question is which devices that are out there today will get the update.  Because of the way that Google handles updates – letting the OEMs do it – The timing and even if a device will see an update is a bit nebulous at best and painful at worst.  As we are less than 24 hours away from the event, the list of devices that will be getting Android Marshmallow is starting to become a bit clearer.

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