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Nova Launcher Prime Only .99 Cents for a Limited Time

Nova Launcher Prime, the paid version of the ever popular launcher for Android, is on sale at a great price right now.  For a limited time it is only .99 cents for the Prime version that brings more customization and features over the free version.  If you’ve never tried Nova Launcher or want to upgrade your free version to Prime, now is the time to do it.

Nova Launcher is arguably one of the best and most popular launcher alternatives for Android.  I reviewed the launcher earlier this year and while it is a little dated now given the rate of progression of the app’s updates, it is still a good primer on what it can do for you.

Review – Nova Launcher – The Ultimate Android Launcher?

Over the course of the past few months, there have been two important changes on the Android launcher front.  The first was the announcement of the Google Pixel and its still exclusive launcher back in October.  Then came news last month that the Google Now Launcher is being removed from the Play Store this month.  This latter bit of news has caused a lot of questions in the Android community with users looking for alternative launchers.  That’s were Nova Launcher comes into the picture.

While there are literally dozens of launchers in the Play Store, Nova Launcher remains one of the most loved and used.  But is it the best?  That’s going to depend on what you want and expect out of a launcher.  If you like seemingly endless configuration and customization, you would be hard pressed to find anything better than Nova.  There are a huge number of configuration changes you can make in the launcher, from how your App Drawer is accessed, presented and even your icons for apps.  It is truly impressive and even if you just want to run things “out of the box” with Nova, you likely won’t be disappointed.

Nova Launcher Releases A Major Update for Android Phones

The popular Nova Launcher for Android has received a major update today that brings an all new material look and feel.  The update, version 4.0 for those keeping score at home, also brings a host of new features and improvements that add to an already impressive launcher.  One of the beautiful things about Android is you can change the overall look and feel of your device using an alternative launcher that gives you a more personalized experience.  There are a lot of launchers in the Play Store but this launcher is consistently one of the higher rated.

Nova Launcher for Android – Free (Prime version is $5.00) – Download Now

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