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Today’s Deal – Turbot 3-Coil Qi Charging Stand for $20

Today’s Deal is for those of you who have a device that has Qi wireless charging built into it.  Over at Amazon you can pick up the Turbot 3-coil desktop stand charger for such devices for just $20.  That’s a savings of 56% off the regular price.  The stand holds your device at a 60 degree angle for easy viewing while it is charging.  Because it has 3 coils for charging, it is fast and efficient at charging your devices plus, the design lends itself to getting the charging connection right given the location of the coils in the stand.  The charger also is designed so that it keeps cool while charging, something many other wireless chargers struggle with as they can easily get over 100F.

Review of Anker Wireless Charger – Excellent Performance For an Excellent Price

Wireless charging is one of those technologies that seems to have a love-hate relationship.  Some people, me included, love it and find it handy to not have to plus in my devices to charge them.  Others find the slower charging and sometimes positioning your device Just. Exactly. Right. on the pad to be too much of a pain.  I won’t be spending this review trying to convince anyone to use wireless charging but for those who do, or want to try it, and have a Qi (pronounced “Chee”) compatible device, the Anker Wireless Charger is an excellent option for your charging needs.  At only $12.99 on Amazon (regularly $59.99), it is an excellent value and performs exceptionally well.

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