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Review of the Nexus 9 – An Affordable Flagship Tablet

Let’s get your first question out of the way:  Why am I posting a review on a tablet that is over a year old?  Fair question.

The why is pretty simple.  If you are looking for a well spec’d, well designed tablet for under $300, the Nexus 9 remains one of the best options on the market today.  Yes you could go with a Pixel C but that $300 barrier comes into play.  Yes you could get another brand tablet for less money but when it comes to a pure Android experience, the Nexus 9 is very hard to beat.  And while I certainly focus a lot of attention on the latest devices and apps, there are times where something just a little bit older still does an amazing job at a lower cost than their replacement devices today.

So justifications made, I have no hesitation in recommending the HTC built Nexus 9 if you are looking for a sub-$300 tablet that performs exceptionally well and is going to be around for a while given that you can already load the Android N beta onto it.  I’ve been using one for the past several weeks and it is wonderful device that performs well for those who need a reasonably sized tablet.

Review of The Google Nexus 7 – Still A Powerhouse 2 Years On

There are plenty of Android tablets on the market of all sizes but one of the best remains the Google Nexus 7. The Asus built 7″ tablet hit the market in 2013 and two years later, it is still one of the best tablets you can buy. It offers fantastic specs that rivals many tablets today plus has a display that is nothing short of amazing.  Couple that with a pure Android experience and you have the complete package.

I’ve been using the Nexus 7 for the last couple of weeks as my main tablet over my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and I don’t see myself going back.  I’m personally a big fan of the 7″ to 8″ tablets as they travel well (and I travel a lot) and while the Nexus 9 certainly offers many of the same benefits, the size of the Nexus 7 is a big advantage if you are looking for this size device but don’t want to compromise on features or functionality.  Equally, the tablet is still readily available with the 32GB Wi-Fi unit priced at only $199 making it a great value for what you are getting in the Nexus 7.

Google Nexus 7 – 32GB Wi-Fi – $199

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