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Fitbit for Windows Phone Gets Another Small Bug Fix Update

The Fitbit for Windows Phone app has received another minor update today aimed at addressing some bug fixes with the app.  The latest build is version for those keeping score and there are no new features in the release but is one that all users should update to via the Store app on your Windows Phone.

Fitbit for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Coloud Pop Headphones Review – Great Sound and Quality at A Great Price

No matter what type of music you like, headphones and speakers make all of the difference when it comes to sound quality.  This is particularly true on the sub-$100 end of the scale where the vast majority of us reside, particularly when it comes to headphones.  I’ve always been one who tries to keep my headphone purchases under $30 for a lot of reasons but mostly because I tend to tear them up with the amount of travel I do and frankly I lose them.

Recently I picked up a pair of the Coloud Pop Headphones to use with my Lumia 1320 and have been nothing short of impressed.  Normally priced at $24.99 but currently on sale for $9.99, this headset provides outstanding sound quality for listening to music but also has a built-in microphone so phone calls are not a problem for this accessory.  It is also designed to be tangle free which makes it great when you are frantically pulling it out of your bag to join a conference call.  No more trying to sort out the cords while trying to listen to the call at the same time.  All this for under ten bucks is hard to beat.

Coloud Pop Headphones – $9.99  – Microsoft Store

Coloud Pop Headphones – $25 – Direct from Coloud

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