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Skype for Android Sees Minor Changes in Latest Update

Skype for Android has a small but nice update rolling out in the Play Store this morning.  The new build, version for those keeping score at home, brings some UI refinements as well as some useability improvements to the long standing video and messaging app.  Probably the biggest change is the Calls tab interface.  It has been updated with a quick call option and a new dialer button.  Those of you who use Skype for calls, particularly international calls where the service really shines, will enjoy this update as it is much cleaner.

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Skype Update Brings Accessibility Support to Bot Cards

There is another new update to Skype for Android, the second such update in as many weeks.  The latest build, version 7.16 for those keeping score at home, brings some fixes and improvements to the messaging app but more importantly, brings Accessibility support to Bot cards.  As you might remember from the last update, Microsoft and their partners added a new Bots feature where you could get automated information and even place orders with some companies.  Now the company has enabled those Bots to work with the accessibility features of your phone.  If you have those features enabled, Skype will now support it and allow you to interact with the Bot properly.

Skype for Android Update Brings Nougat Support and Fixes

The Skype app for Android has been update with full support for Android Nougat as well as a host of other fixes and improvements.  The updated build is version 7.14 for those keeping score at home and if you have the messaging app installed already, you should see the OTA update come to your phone or tablet over the course of the next few days.  While support for the latest version of Android is great, that really isn’t the banner item in this update.  Rather, it is a number of user related issues that the team addressed as well as cross-app suggested contacts.

The suggested contacts gives you suggestions on contacts you can reach through Skype from other Skype apps.  For example, if you have Skype for Business installed on your phone, you can now see suggested contacts for your business contacts in Skype.  You can have this setting set to automatically add your contacts or you can manually add them.

Skype Introduces Bots to Android App

The latest update to Skype is rolling out in the Play Store and with it comes bots.  The messaging, text and video call app now has a wide selection of automated services that can be accessed to play games, give you information and help you with tasks throughout your day.  There are dozens of bots to use within Skype and they are accesses from the floating menu at the bottom of the display, the same you use every day for IMs, video calls and phone calls.  Now when you open up the menu you will see the option to chat with a bot.  This new feature is in build for those keeping score at home and if you have Skype installed, you should get the OTA update over the course of the next day or two.

Microsoft Apps To Be Pre-Installed on Future Lenovo Phones

Microsoft and Lenovo have entered into an agreement which will see the Redmond company’s apps appear on the Beijing based company’s future Android phones.  The announcement by the companies will bring Microsoft Office apps, OneDrive and Skype to select Lenovo devices going forward.  Which specific devices is not laid out in the press release.

“Microsoft’s thrilled that our productivity apps will be pre-installed on Lenovo’s premium devices,” said Nick Parker, corporate vice president OEM Division, Microsoft. “The marriage of Microsoft’s apps and Lenovo’s Android-based devices will enable customers around the world to be more productive, more connected and achieve even more.”

For Lenovo, they are gaining access to some of Microsoft’s patents and IP (Intellectual Property) to be cross-licensed in Motorola and Lenovo devices.

Skype Update Brings Material Design Improvements to Tablets

The Skype team over at Microsoft have released a dramatically improved version of the voice and video communications app for Android.  The new 7.0 version of the app is hitting the Google Play Store now and if you already have it installed, you should see the update hit your device via an OTA over the course of the next few days.  The big improvement in this new update is the new Material Design inspired UI on tablets.

We’ve redesigned the tablet UI from the ground up, bringing a number of material design inspired elements.

The app also has a Floating Action Button (FAB) that makes it much faster to start a conversation or call with Skype app.  That FAB is in both the tablet and phone versions of the app.

Skype for Android Updated With Several User Friendly Improvements

The Skype for Android app has received an update today that brings several new user friendly features to it.  While none of the new features are overwhelming and indeed are present in many other Instant Messaging and video apps, this update bring Skype on par with them with simple things like an indicator when the other person is typing.  The update, version, also brings the ability to send feedback on the app directly from within it amongst several other improvements and fixes.

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Skype Qik and Skype for Windows Phone Sees A Minor Update

Microsoft has rolled out a minor – and I mean minor – update to Skype for Windows Phone that brings some tweaks to the UI and other fixes.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, is available now and after updating, I personally haven’t seen any changes in the video-meets-messaging-meets-social networking app.  Regardless, if you use Skype on Windows Phone you should grab the update as it does have general fixes in it which would improve performance on certain devices. Skype Qik for Windows Phone also saw an update which brought a key new feature to the video sharing app.

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