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Review – SUPCASE Premium Hybrid Bumper Case for The Nexus 6P

When it comes to cases for your Android phone, the selection is vast.  That’s a good thing.  It means you have a lot of choices and can probably find the case that fits your particular need.  In my case, I need a case that will help my Nexus 6P survive the bumps and bangs that come with skiing and hiking.  For me, the SUPCASE Premium Hybrid bumper case fits the need.  A case that has a rubberized shell to hold your phone with a hard plastic back, the SUPCASE gives great protection against bumps, bangs and knocks while not adding a huge amount of size to the 6P.  It’s offered in a nice range of colors to match your phone or personal style.  Here’s my review of this nice, sub-$20 case.

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