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Tribit XFree Tune Headphones – Premium Sound Without The Premium Price

When it comes to over-the-ear headphones, the number of options is a bit dizzying.  You have the ultra high end coming in north of $300 while the low end, the sub-$50, often leaves a lot to be desired.  And why you may find a pair that gives you reasonable audio, it may not work great on Bluetooth or even given you the option to go wired if you wanted to do so.

One of the newer player in the headphones and headset market is Tribit.  The Chinese company makes a wide range of Bluetooth enabled audio accessories that are aimed at providing a premium experience without the premium price.  The Tribit XFree Tune Headphones hit that mark.

Recently the company sent me a XFree Tune unit for review and I have to say, for the sub-$45 price tag, you will be hard pressed to find a better option out there, especially one with a built-in microphone to use for phone calls.  Yep, they are versatile too.

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