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Windows Vista Support Ends Today

Today, Microsoft is officially calling it a day on Windows Vista.  The ten year old version of Windows has officially reached EOL (End of Life) and if there are any readers who are still using it, it is seriously time to upgrade.  EOL means that Microsoft is doing nothing to support the OS any longer.  There will be no further security updates or patches and no service packs for the platform.  In other words, you are on your own.  Microsoft is still maintaining and supporting Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Windows Vista was codenamed Longhorn and was the first in a series of departures from the traditional look and feel of Windows to that point.  It was also the first version of Windows that seriously focused on security with multiple security improvements over Windows XP.  It was launched in October 2009 globally.

Google Ending Chrome Support For Windows XP

File this under “Not Shocked” but it is official:  Google is ending support of Chrome for Windows XP, Windows Vista and a handful of older Mac OS X versions.  The news came on the Chrome blog earlier today that starting in April 2016, they will no longer be updating and officially supporting these legacy OS’.

The news comes largely due to Apple and Microsoft not supporting these older versions themselves so Google is more-or-less following suit.

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