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Apple Releases a Security Update for MacOS 10.13.4

In addition to the security update released for iOS 11.3.1 today, Apple also released a minor security update for MacOS 10.13.4.  The update to High Sierra brings two patches to two vulnerabilities on the platform in a 1GB update.  It is available to all Macs running High Sierra.

The first patch has to do with a memory corruption issue in the Crash Reporter that could allow for an application to gain elevated privileges.  This issue was found by the Google Project Zero team, Google’s security team that finds issues within Google’s products as well as Apple and Microsoft products.

Chrome OS Update Brings a Handful of Security Fixes

A small but important security update is rolling out to Chrome OS devices this morning that brings a handful of high priority security updates to the platform.  The new build is 57.0.2987.137 (Platform version: 9202.60.0) and it is for the vast majority of devices out there.  The only devices you won’t find it for is the AOpen Chromebase Mini, AOpen Chromebox Mini, Google Chromebook Pixel (2015), ASUS Chromebook Flip C100PA, Samsung Chromebook Plus.  If you have one of these devices, this update won’t be coming to you, at least not yet.

Unlike the last Stable channel update to the platform, this update is purely focused on security updates.  The Chromium team called out five specific issues that the build resolves in their release notes.  If you have a Chrome OS device, you will want to get this update ASAP.

Security Update Comes to The Galaxy S7 Lineup on T-Mobile

If you are on the T-Mobile network and have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you will want to check for a small but important security update that has been released by the carrier.  The update brings a security fix to the device although the details of exactly what was fixed is not explicitly laid out in the release notes.  It isn’t the May Android Security update as that came earlier in the month so this is a separate fix from that release.  On the Galaxy S7, you are looking for build G930TUVS3APD8 while on the S7 Edge, you will want to look for build G935TUVU3APD8.

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