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Chrome OS Stable Channel Sees A Small Update

Chrome OS users on the Stable channel have a new platform update out today.  The updated build, version 51.0.2704.103 (Platform version: 8172.56.0/8172.57.0) for those keeping score at home, is primarily a security and bug fix release so don’t look for a lot of new features.  No, in case you are curious, this is not the build that brings Android apps to the platform on some devices.  That’s the Developer channel.

Chrome OS Receives Another Minor Update

The Chromium team at Google has pushed out another small, midstream update to the platform today, bringing a handful of minor fixes and improvements.  The new build versions are  50.0.2661.103 or 50.0.2661.104 (Platform version: 7879.74.0 or 7978.76.0) and it is available for all devices with two notable exceptions:  The Pinky 11.6″ Chromebooks and the Asus Chromebit.  No word is given in the release on if these devices will see a separate update later but if you own one of those devices, keep checking.  There are not a huge number of changes in this update, with the release stating stability improvements, bug fixes and security updates are included in it.

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