MetroRadio Now Live in Marketplace for Pandora Radio Streaming

This should make Chris pretty happy!

MetroRadio, the Pandora Radio app for Windows Phone has finally arrived.  It is available this morning in the Marketplace and is a free download.  The app takes advantage of the Metro Pandora SDK and really allows you to take full advantage of Pandora’s services.

MetroRadio is the first Pandora 3rd party application on Windows Phone 7.

The app has all the important features from Pandora, such as:
Streaming stations, likeing/dislikeing songs, making new stations, album art, and many more…

This app is Mango optimized; it will run in the background.

This app will be updated periodically, introducing new features such as pinning stations, auto login, etc…

While the app does require Windows Phone 7.5 it is clear by the description that other updates are coming to take advantage of some of Mango’s features.

Download it free in the Marketplace

Source:  WPCentral

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