Watch the Microsoft Lumia 535 Official Video

With the release earlier today of the Microsoft Lumia 535, the company has now posted a short video introducing all of us to the latest Lumia.

The video is the second video to be launched on the rebranded Microsoft Lumia YouTube channel that has been a larger rebranding exercise from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia.  The first video, also on the Lumia 535, is below.

While it could be argued that Microsoft’s lack of a flagship device is ultimately hurting their phone strategy, if there is one thing for sure it is they are flooding the low end and mid-range market with device.  The problem though is that the power users, ones you have Lumia 1520 or 1020s are wanting a new, improved phone.  If Microsoft doesn’t get a flagship device out soon, they could well continue to lose market share and customer base.

Having viewed the videos and read about the 535, what do you think?  Is it another device scrounging at the bottom of the barrel or is this a real player with potential?  Given that we will not see it here in the United States soon if ever, it could be a moot point for consumers here.




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