Lumia Denim Begins Rolling Out in Europe

Lumia Denim, the next major version of Windows Phone, is starting to roll out to Lumia devices in some European countries. The news of the rollout is welcome as Microsoft had stated they would begin pushing out the release before the end of 2014 and come on the back of their release of an update video on their YouTube channel yesterday. So far the release of Lumia Denim has been limited to the Lumia 520, Lumia 530, Lumia 625, Lumia 1320 and Lumia 820 and generally has been only on the country variant versions of these devices.  The countries involved so far have been Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia and United Kingdom amongst others.  You can see the full list of devices and countries that have had the update pushed out to them on the Microsoft Support Page for Updates.

The next phase for Lumia Denim will be updates from mobile provider versions of the devices.  That could take well into the first quarter for some carriers and is likely the point where we will start seeing Lumia Denim here in the United States in abundance. If you are curious as to what is in Lumia Denim, be sure to check out my Guide to Lumia Denim for a complete rundown of features.

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