Shazam for Windows Phone Returns

The popular music discovery app Shazam has made a return to Windows Phone and it is impressive.  Shazam for Windows Phone has been released as version 4.0 and it is blazing fast at discovering music that is playing around you.  The new app sports a completely revamped recognition engine and user experience that is specifically designed for Windows Phone 8.1

Shazam for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

For those who aren’t familiar with Shazam, it is an app that listens to music that is play around you and tells you the artist, track

Shazam for Windows Phone
Shazam for Windows Phone

name and album which that song can be found.  With Shazam for Windows Phone, you can then go to the Xbox Music app from within Shazam and purchase that track or album.  It makes music discovery easy, especially when there is that new song playing on the radio that you love.

Other key features of this new version of Shazam include:

• A new recognition engine with faster and more accurate Shazaming
• Quicker app startup so you can get Shazaming sooner
• Brand new interface, designed specifically for Windows Phone 8.1
• New song pages with lyrics, videos and links to Xbox Music

In my testing of this new app this morning, it is substantially better than the previous release (which I abandoned because it was so bad)

Shazam for Windows Phone is free and available now on the Windows Phone Store.

Shazam for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now