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Google Play Music Adds Sound Search Feature

Google Play Music has been update for Android devices and it brings a new feature for subscribers to the services unlimited plan.  Now you have a new Sound Search feature that allows you to have the app listen to music that is playing and it will identify it and take you to that song in the service so you can add it to your library. Because subscribers can add and download music to their library without actually owning the content (it is digitally locked to your account), the search feature is a quick way to add music to your library on-the-fly without having to make anything more than the $9.99 monthly subscription.

If this new Sound Search feature sounds familiar, the concept has been around quite some time.  Shazam is probably the best known of these types of services and they still are around.  With the inclusion of this type of feature in Google Play Music and other premium services, a stand alone app is starting to make less sense.

The update to the app is version 6.1.2116T for those who are keeping score at home and it is in the Google Play Store now.  If you have the app installed, it could be a day or two before you see the OTA update.

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Google Play Music Update Brings Auto Download Feature

The Google Play Music app has been updated today for Android devices and while it is mostly a bug fix release, there are a few new features that are worth a mention.  This new build is verion 6.1.2115T for those keeping score at home and it is rolling out to the Google Play Store now.  If you have the app installed then you should expect to see the OTA update for it anytime over the next couple of days.

As far as new features in this update, the first thing you will notice is a completely revamped Settings menu.  Things are generally much more organized into sections with this update and it is a bit easier to see all of your settings without having to tap to change a particular setting in most cases.  Functionally there isn’t much different other than the new Auto-offline feature which I will discuss after the break but I find the new Settings to be a bit easier to figure out what to adjust in Google Play Music.

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Spotify Adds Chromecast Support in Latest Update

At the Google event last month we heard the announcement that Spotify would be updating their app and supporting Chromecast casting.  That update has happened and it is now available in the Google Play Store.  The update is version for those keeping score at home and not only includes support for Chromecast but also supports the music streaming service built into 2016 BMW 7 Series cars.

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Xbox Music for Windows Phone Updated To Improve OneDrive Support

Last week Microsoft announced that OneDrive had been updated to allow for music to be stored by users in the cloud service and stream them to your various Windows powered devices and Xbox.  The update was free to all OneDrive users and there were some extra bonuses for those who are Xbox Music Pass subscribers.  At the time of the launch Microsoft also released an updated version of Xbox Music for Windows Phone to support this integration of the service with OneDrive.  Now they have released an update that addresses some issues with the app but also includes a tutorial of how the integration works.  The update, version 2.6.674.0 for those keeping score at home, is available now in the Windows Phone Store.

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Spotify for Windows Phone Update Brings Ability to Rename Playlists

After getting a massive update last month, Spotify has released a minor update today to the Spotify for Windows Phone app.  The update, version 5.1 for those keeping score at home, has general performance improvements along with a new but important feature for users.  Now you can rename your playlists from the Spotify from Windows Phone app, bringing this version on par with those on iOS and Android.

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Spotify for Windows Phone Gets New UI in Latest Update

The music streaming service Spotify has a whole new look and feel this morning for Windows Phone users.  Spotify for Windows Phone has been updated to version 5.0 and it brings with it a virtually brand new look and feel to the app.  The new looks leans heavily on transparency throughout the app, something that you usually find in iOS apps but no Windows Phone. Spotify for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

Pandora for Windows Phone Updated With Voice Commands

The Pandora for Windows Phone app has received a nice update today, bringing several new features to the app including voice commands.  The free music service (a premium service is available) allows you to stream music based on “stations” for your favorite genre or artist.  The update is available now for free in the Windows Phone Store.

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12 Month Xbox Music Pass – $29.90 Today at Microsoft Stores

Today is the final day of the Microsoft 12 Days of Deals promotion and Redmond has decided to go out with a bang.  Today you can get a 12 month Xbox Music Pass for only $29.90 in store.  That is a $70 savings off the normal price of $99.90.  Even if you don’t live near a Microsoft retail location, you can still save big online as the Xbox Music Pass at the online store is $49.90, a savings of $50. The online promotion starts at 8:00 AM EST while the in store pricing will be in effect as soon as your local Microsoft store opens and while supplies last.

Xbox Music Pass – $49.90 Online – Microsoft Store

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