Microsoft Announces OneNote Staff Notebook for Educators

Microsoft continues their drive into the education sector with another important announcement around OneNote today.  If you missed it, yesterday they announced that students globally can get a free subscription to Office 365 (if their school is eligible).  Today the Redmond company has announced a new OneNote Staff Notebook for educators to share content and collaborate together.  It is a part of the Office 365 suite and adds a layer of content to the app for staff members of educational facilities.

This new Notebook is really aimed at the administration level while the already existing OneNote Class Notebook is aimed for teachers in those schools.  The two most certainly interact with each

OneNote Staff Notebook Infographic

OneNote Staff Notebook Infographic

other and the idea is to keep a school or even a school district organized through the app.

OneNote Staff Notebook, like OneNote Class Notebook, is an app for Office 365 that lets an education staff leader quickly set up a personal workspace for every staff member or teacher, a content library for shared information and a collaboration space for everyone to collaborate—all within one powerful notebook

The flexibility that Microsoft has built into this new offering should give education administrators the flexibility they need to collaborate on projects but also manage their own personal workspaces and build areas of content that can be shared with everyone such as student trends, policies and procedures or fund raising efforts.

Microsoft has outlined the next steps that educators need to take to get OneNote Staff Notebooks and the other components in their school or school district.  Remember that the app is free and it is cross platform so no matter what devices your school or district have rolled out – iOS, Android or Windows – there is an app for you.  Additionally, especially on the mobile versions, this app is constantly updated by Microsoft with new and improved features.  It is one of the best note taking apps available and well worth a look if you haven’t tried it out before now.

Next steps and resources

  1. Staff leaders and staff members—For an interactive tour of the Staff Notebook, go to: OneNoteEDUStaffGuide.
  2. Everyone—Visit to learn more about OneNote, including how to install it on all your devices.
  3. Everyone—Visit to experience interactive guides on how to use OneNote in education.
  4. IT Administrators—To learn how to install this app at your school or district, visit OneNoteEduStaffInstall.
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