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OneNote for Android Updated With Advanced Editing Features

Microsoft has released a new update to the OneNote for Android app that brings several new and advanced editing features to the note taking app.  The update, version 15.0.3931.1008 for those keeping score at home, follows up on the general release of the entire Office for Android Phone yesterday.  While a part of the Office suite as a whole, OneNote for Android has been out for Android phone and tablets for some time now and is on a different development cycle.  This app is also free and it uses your OneDrive account to store and sync your notes.

OneNote for Android – Free – Download Now

Microsoft Announces OneNote Staff Notebook for Educators

Microsoft continues their drive into the education sector with another important announcement around OneNote today.  If you missed it, yesterday they announced that students globally can get a free subscription to Office 365 (if their school is eligible).  Today the Redmond company has announced a new OneNote Staff Notebook for educators to share content and collaborate together.  It is a part of the Office 365 suite and adds a layer of content to the app for staff members of educational facilities.

How To Pin A OneNote Note To Your Windows Phone Start Screen

OneNote has become a serious player in the note taking app space but it is much more than just for notes.  OneNote allows you to create everything from lists to notes with embedded photos to being a platform to sync content from Office Lens or other apps on your Windows PC and Windows Phone.  In Windows Phone there is a big feature that is often overlooked but can be very handy, particularly for lists or a note you need to continually access.  That feature is the ability to pin a note to your Start screen on your Windows Phone.  In this How To I will show you just how to do this in OneNote so you can take advantage of it.

Microsoft Makes OneNote 2013 Complete Free

Today Microsoft has announced on the Office Blog that OneNote 2013 has moved to a completely free download.  Now, for those scratching your head, yes, it was free before.  However there were restrictions.  Today in their announcement Microsoft eliminated all of those restrictions and the full blown version of OneNote 2013 is completely free and full featured.

Get OneNote Free – Download Now

OneNote for Windows 8.1 Gets Password Protection Support – But Still Half-Baked

The OneNote for Windows 8.1 has been updated and it finally brings support for accessing password protected sections in your OneNote notebooks.  But it still isn’t complete support which means you still need the desktop version of the app.  Why Microsoft?  Why?

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