Microsoft Hints That List of Windows 10 Mobile Devices to be Released Soon

The teasing and hinting of what is coming in Windows 10 Mobile continues.  Once again Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul has taken to Twitter to answer questions about the impending Windows Insider release of the preview, this time answering a question around compatible devices.  The question was asked if the dual-SIM Lumia 535 would be able to run the Windows 10 Mobile Preview.  Mr. Aul’s answer?

Once again the question becomes, what does “very very soon” mean exactly?

All indicators suggest that we should see Windows 10 Mobile within the next week and certainly well before the end of the month which is the arbitrary deadline Microsoft publically stated back in January at the Windows 10 event.  Equally however, there has been plenty of suggestions that the preview simply isn’t ready and it will be towards the end of the month.  No matter what the answer is exactly, there are a lot of anxious Windows Phone peeps who want this preview (Clinton raises his hand).

Fundamentally just as important as the Windows 10 Mobile Preview itself is the devices in which it will run on.  Microsoft has been clear that 512MB devices will be supported however which ones exactly is still a mystery.  I posted last week that we can probably expect the x30 series devices to see the Preview but which ones is unknown.  Hopefully Mr. Aul’s “very very soon” is today or this week so we can all be prepared.

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