6Tag for Windows Phone Sees Another Minor Update

The updates just keep coming to 6Tag for Windows Phone.  The popular and far superior Instagram app has seen its forth update in 5 days and continues to add new features.  Usually when you see daily updates to an app it is to fix issues with the original big release.  Not the case with 6Tag.  The latest update has just dropped and it is version 4.0.4 for those keeping score at home.  In this update there are two new features:  A refresh button and a the use of geolocation from the image when you edit the post.

6Tag for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

The addition of the Refresh button in 6Tag for Windows Phone is personally one of those updates I’m really happy to see.  I love this app but the lack of an easy refresh was a bit of a challenge.  That’s resolved in this update.  The other update, geo-location from the image, is an improvement of a feature that was already in 6Tag.  This should give you more accurate information from the photo file itself when you add it to your Instagram post.

If you haven’t been keeping up, the updates have been fast and thick for 6Tag this week.  The 4.0.3 update brought improved Direct feature while the 4.0.2 release added support for lower end Lumia devices, the Lumia 435, 530, 532 and 535.

I highly recommend 6Tag for Windows Phone.  It is far superior to the Instagram app which has been in beta for nearly a year and it also help support one of the strongest developers in the community in Rudy Huyn.

6Tag for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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